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The Passion and Power of Youth July 24, 2013

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What is youth? It is the inner strength not to stagnate or grow resistant to change but to stay open to new possibilities. It is the power of the spirit that refuses to succumb to complacency and strives ever forward.

Traveler for Peace film at the Connecticut Region Activity Center January 2, 2012

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Traveler For Peace Movie in CT this weekend: Sat/Sun Jan 07-08

What is the Movie ”Traveler For Peace”?

It is a movie looking back at President Ikeda’s first trip outside of Japan in 1960. But, from a particular perspective. It combines footage of those travels with current interviews of those who participated in those events 51 years ago. It is very moving, and many who have practiced for some time will recognize those pioneers who helped them establish their own practice. Starting several years ago it has been shown at FNCC conferences. Now it will be shown in Connecticut.

Note that a special projector is used for this movie of which one is available for the entire east territory. So, this is our opportunity for the foreseeable future to have this in CT.

There will be 3 showings, all at the activity center:

Saturday, Jan 7 at   6:00 pm    English version 
Sunday,   Jan 8 at 11:00 am    English version 
Sunday,   Jan 8 at   1:00 pm    Spanish version

Who can attend?
Everyone, plus guests 

Will we do gongyo?
 Yes, gongyo will be done 30 minutes before each showing.

 at Coit Tower in San Francisco, California, in October 1960

Ikeda (center) and Soka Gakkai members before the Statue of Columbus at Coit Tower in San Francisco, California, in October 1960

Description of “Traveler for Peace” from the SGI-USA website:

“The new documentary film, ‘Traveler for Peace,’ … a history of President Ikeda’s activities in the United States, will help viewers understand the importance of President Ikeda’s philosophy and guidance as a compass for their own life and faith, and as a lighthouse for all people.

“‘Traveler for Peace’ explores President Ikeda’s first overseas trip in 1960 and examines its lasting significance through the words of disciples in America who witnessed his efforts. The work also looks at President Ikeda’s vision for the future, which he is entrusting to the youth of today, just as President Toda had entrusted it to him. More than merely a reflection on the past, the film shows how President Ikeda’s activities and guidance during his first overseas trip were the foundation for the growth of the SGI today, and the eternal model for a victorious future.”

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